Trump Says Things Going ‘Well’ With China After New Tariff Shock

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July 21, 2019
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August 27, 2019

Trump Says Things Going ‘Well’ With China After New Tariff Shock

President Donald Trump said “things are going along very well with China,” two days after his move to threaten tariffs on hundreds of millions of dollars in additional Chinese imports sent global stock markets tumbling.

Trump said that “so far our consumer is paying nothing” from the levies imposed on China, repeating a widely-challenged assertion that China, not U.S. importers and consumers, pay the tariffs.

And he included one of his regular digs at the U.S. central bank, which he contends increase interest rates too high in 2018 and has been too slow to change course: “No help from Fed!”

The 10% tariffs on another $300 billion in imports from Sept. 1 proposed on Thursday would target a wide range of goods, from smart-phones and other electronics to clothing to toys, hitting American consumers more directly than previous rounds of tariffs.

Trump, who’s spending the weekend at his golf course in New Jersey, also tweeted on Saturday that “countries are coming to us wanting to negotiate REAL trade deals” and that they “don’t want to be targeted for Tariffs by the U.S.”

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