HermesTrader is a system that analyzes, ranks stocks, indices, cryptos and gives a clear long, short or neutral rating every day.

HermesTrader team created this app to help those who deal with stock exchanges not to lose their money. With the help of algorithms and technical analysis we created this application that follows the trend (Long or Short). In each product, trend is reported in three horizons (Long-term, Medium-term, Short-term). The signal and date of entry are displayed on short-term horizon. With each signal there is a target price and a stop loss price. Our team has made a selection of Greek and American stocks, indices, crypto and gold.

HermesTrader gives you answers, not just data. What to buy. What to sell but most importantly, when… The execution signals concern a selection of Greek and American shares, indices, gold and cryptos. The recommendations are ideal for end-of-day investors. The short-term range is designed for about 2 weeks. Medium-term and long-term strategies are based on equity ownership for several months. The broker or banks that execute the transaction are selected by the user.